Welcome to our QuickTry tool!

In our QuickTry Tool we will - at least try to - simulate that our tracking code is injected into your website. We have created a “proxy server” to do the magic. You will interact with this during this flow.

We do not accept or store any sensitive information during this trial! All data collected/created during the process will be auto-deleted after 24-48 hours.

Important to highlight: do not expect a 100% accurate / perfect experience! It highly depends on the implementation details of the target website. E.g. the QuickTry Tool might not work on a "rich client" type of site (e.g. built with React or similar). Please keep this in mind while trying it out! But of course you have nothing to lose either!

We need to set some cookies storing the settings you set below to make things work! And the test will also take Cookies from the website you are going to test!
This is the reason we do this in "try-keytiles.com" separated domain... You can use the "Flush all cookies" link (see below) to get rid of everything once you finished.

Ready? Then let's start!

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